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That lovin’ feeling

Perhaps the dwarf tree frogs feel more at home this year, their second summer in our pond. We spotted two pairs in amplexus last night. Soon we’ll have tadpoles.

New housemates

The lengths we go to. Our new tenant is young, brash, messy, single, and stays out all night. He doesn’t contribute to the household income and we’ve had not a word of thanks. Unwilling to give him free reign of… Continue Reading →

Sunset in the suburb

An ordinary day in February, an ordinary suburban street in West End, crickets starting to chirrup, the children gone inside. And a spectacular sunset.  

Full-moon kayak to South Straddie

I return from weekend kayaking breaks as though I’ve been away for weeks, not merely one night camped on a beach. I’m conscious of grinding as I force my gears back into workaday routines. Where does this sense of expanded… Continue Reading →

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