Cyclists Claire and Dave on confluence of Inn River and Danube at Passau

On the Inn River where it joins the Danube in Passau … we cycled the length of the Inn from its source in the Swiss Alps

Hi, we’re Claire and Dave. We are based in Brisbane, Australia. We met hiking up a nearby mountain. Apart from a love of bushwalking, as we call hiking in this part of the world, we also share a love of long-distance cycling and of travelling. It is inspiring to be touched by the fascinating people we meet, hear their stories, see the beauty and wonder that still exists in the world. Some of those people and stories are in our corner of the world. We save up to travel, including in our own back yard, and sometimes get to travel and work at the same time. ¡Vive la vida!

You will find stories about first big bike ride together, through parts of South America in 2006–2007, at our original blog, claire ’n’ dave.


claire heath on altiplano south-west bolivia

I love words, pictures and travelling. I earn my living from the first, take photos for pleasure, and sometimes, happily, combine them both with travelling. For me, travel is an attitude, and I can be as inspired on a day-long hike a few hours’ drive from Brisbane as I can on long, slow months through other corners of the world. My favourite means of getting around is by bicycle (followed closely by travel on foot). I didn’t even learn to ride a bike properly until my early 30s, and it began a love affair that continues to make my soul fly.


dave levick in antarctica

I have been touring by bicycle since I was a teenager. I didn’t have a car, and it was a means of getting around. It also opened up the world to me, so much so that, after many university holidays spend cycling around Europe, I rode my bike to Australia.